Words of Integrity is created with honesty, sincerity and of course, integrity. Too often in today’s digital spaces we are being sold a lie. Between couple goals, side hustles and the glamorous lifestyles portrayed by influencers, the world is losing the ability to be satisfied with less and be at peace with life’s turbulent reality. Words of Integrity is working to tackle negativity in the media, relieve feelings of inadequacy, and promote positive mental wellbeing by providing real, honest, valuable content.  

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We Need To Stop Leaving Mixed-Race People Out Of The Race Conversation

Someone said to me recently that if you don’t tell your story, then who will? This is a topic I’ve held back on speaking about because of the colourism that is still so prevalent in the UK; but we can’t speak about race without bringing awareness to all issues associated with it. I’m a mixed-race…

How To Be A Better Ally To The LGBTQ Community

I recently had the displeasure of going to a gay club and being hit on by not one, not two, but a whole handful of men. Although this may be a successful evening for some women, it is quite literally my worst nightmare. For me, nights out have never been about finding someone to take…