Why Being an Introvert is Your Secret Superpower

Being introverted generally comes with qualities such as shyness, quietness, and sometimes awkwardness, which in a world where the loud and eccentric are praised for their outgoing nature, introversion can often be seen as a negative trait. In fact, it is believed up to 75% of the world’s population are naturally extroverted. If you’re here because you’re an introvert, I’m sure you’ll relate to this post. If not, you can utilise this information to better understand your introverted loved ones.

Most introverts are told at some point in their life to ‘you should come out of your shell’ – A suggestion which implies there is something wrong with our natural characteristics. News flash, there isn’t. I used to resent being an introvert, until I realised that the qualities I possess contribute to my greatest strengths. Introversion, may be a silent superpower and here’s why:

You have more depth

This isn’t to say that extroverts don’t have depth, but introverts are often deep thinkers and observers. Due to our naturally quiet nature, we are able to sit back, take in and observe more information in comparison to our extroverted counterparts. This ability to be at peace, analyse and learn, results in a better understanding of people, situations and social dynamics which aids us to evolve into more understanding and empathetic people over time – Qualities which also make us excellent friends and romantic partners. Because of these qualities, people often approach us for advice with their problems. Just be sure to protect your own beautiful energy in these circumstances!

You can enjoy your own company

Have you ever made your excuses to avoid a night out so you could sit at home and read a book or catch up on your favourite tv show? Me too. There are an endless number of benefits to alone time, but the key thing is understanding yourself on a deeper level.

Enjoying your own company doesn’t have to mean being isolated at home. Taking long walks or enjoying a scenic drive alone can be absolute bliss, allowing you to clear your head and reset your energy.

Understanding who you really are can give you the confidence to know what unique power or strengths you bring to every area of your life – from romantic relationships to your job, to the way you apply yourself to skills or hobbies, which leads me nicely to my next point…

You can master most skills that spark your interest

From your love of alone time, you have probably found many things that interest you, whether this be creatively or academically. I discovered my love for writing by spending time isolated with my thoughts which I felt required a creative outlet. It’s common for introverts to prefer writing to talking, so maybe this is a skill that you’d find beneficial to nurture too. Your ability to reflect on yours and other peoples’ actions could provide inspiration for great content that others find incredibly useful.

Similarly with music, I have found solace in learning different instruments. Whatever it is, these are skills you can master in private until they’re ready to be shared with the world. You may even be able to earn a living from your hobbies eventually!

The most genuine act of self-love is acknowledging and embracing what makes you unique from everyone else. Too often we make the mistake of trying to change ourselves to fit in, in attempt to be liked and accepted by others, however the more comfortable you become with being yourself, the more you will attract likeminded people who’ll love you for who you truly are.

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