A Lesson on Time Management & Productivity

I was in the middle of making some notes on my phone, when the screen began to flash green and white and eventually faded out to black, completely giving out on me. Whilst initially devastated at its impairment, I quickly began to realise how much time I’d reclaimed without the use of my phone. Similarly to when I took a break from social media, I had an interruption to my routine that allowed me to identify where positive changes could be made. It’s like clearing out the old to make space for the new, and this is exactly what this experience has done. The answer behind managing my time better and increasing my productivity levels had been starting me in the face the whole time, literally. My phone. Ironically, the very device hindering my way to improved time management was the same device I’d been using to scroll through endless content on how to improve it.

As soon as my phone broke, I immediately emailed my two closest friends to advise them I would be temporarily absent from the group chat which I bless with voice notes (containing information of zero importance) several times a day. Emailing my friends gave me a nostalgic flashback of the noughties, where the ability to email was a blessing, especially if we had spent all our credit on heavily abbreviated text messages or used our £10 top-up to buy ringtones that would equally make us want to both bop and cringe if we heard them today.

I rolled my eyes and blamed this misfortunate situation on the mercury retrograde (especially since WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook went down the same day) however it was really a blessing in disguise. Being forced to be on my laptop to have connection with the outside world meant I began to immerse myself in tasks on my to-do list without constant distractions of messages and notifications, and get shit done. I’m even up to date on my emails.

This break in my routine allowed me to reclaim my time. It proved just how much my mobile phone eats into my productivity. I generally spend short bursts of time working, picking up my phone to check something, notice the time and conclude that it is in fact time for another cup of tea. Simply removing my awareness of the time resulted in unbroken focus on a single task for longer periods of time, allowing me to be far more productive and subsequently almost put PG Tips out of business.

The only negative side to this increased concentration is that sitting, unfortunately, is the new smoking so I must keep reminding myself to get up and move around.

Once my phone is fixed, I will be limiting my phone time during specific hours. I’ll even go as far as leaving it switched off, buried in the back of the wardrobe if necessary. Tell my loved ones if there is an emergency, don’t contact me, contact 999. I’ve had a revelation.

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