The truth is, I was just another sad millennial. I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my life and battled depression on and off from my early teens. These symptoms are becoming increasingly common amongst young adults, even prior to the pandemic. At present, statistics show that anxiety and depression rates in the UK have almost doubled in the last 18 months.

Despite us being a ‘woke’ generation that understands the impact social media and mainstream news outlets have on our mental health, there is not enough being done to counteract the negative effects of these spaces. There is a massive amount of pressure being applied from all angles, leaving many of us in a state of fear or imbalance. This observation inspired me to create Words of Integrity – A space to promote positivity, reduce misrepresentation, tackle feelings of inadequacy, and promote positive mental wellbeing. 

I hope you find something useful here. Thank you for visiting! 

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