We Need To Stop Leaving Mixed-Race People Out Of The Race Conversation

Someone said to me recently that if you don’t tell your story, then who will? This is a topic I’ve held back on speaking about because of the colourism that is still so prevalent in the UK; but we can’t speak about race without bringing awareness to all issues associated with it. I’m a mixed-raceContinue reading “We Need To Stop Leaving Mixed-Race People Out Of The Race Conversation”

How To Be A Better Ally To The LGBTQ Community

I recently had the displeasure of going to a gay club and being hit on by not one, not two, but a whole handful of men. Although this may be a successful evening for some women, it is quite literally my worst nightmare. For me, nights out have never been about finding someone to takeContinue reading “How To Be A Better Ally To The LGBTQ Community”

Maybe It’s Me… Maybe It’s The ADHD

As I navigate my way through this foggy phase, I feel the only way I can create a positive out of a negative is by documenting my experiences in the hope it will help someone else. Amid complete and utter burn out I discovered I have ADHD. My understanding of it was always shaped byContinue reading “Maybe It’s Me… Maybe It’s The ADHD”

Healing Through Art

What does a world look like where art is no longer viewed as just for art’s sake but seen as a tool to provide healing, bring together communities and becomes a viable and respected career path for those who want it? Oriana Jemide, a fine artist, therapeutic art life coach and the founder of TheContinue reading “Healing Through Art”

Gossip Is Killing Our People!

As my life starts to get busier, I’m being far more intentional with how I spend my time, and how the activities in my life alter my mood and perceptions. I’ve recently started swimming because it was a good way to be alone with my thoughts, away from technology and all the physical reminders ofContinue reading “Gossip Is Killing Our People!”

Ready To Quit Your Job? – Find Your Passion and Live Intentionally

There comes a point in all our lives where we seek answers to the deeper questions – “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How do I know if I’m making the right choices?”, “What do I want from life?” etc. And for a long time, I was unknowingly looking for these answers externally. I’dContinue reading “Ready To Quit Your Job? – Find Your Passion and Live Intentionally”

Is Marriage Like Vegetarianism? – Rewriting The Narrative

I’m a hopeless romantic. As soon as my heart belongs to someone, I find myself picturing white picket fences and hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet, but I’m also a realist. Things change, people change. It’s inevitable. The ugly truth is that the factors which cause change are almost entirely out of our control, thereforeContinue reading “Is Marriage Like Vegetarianism? – Rewriting The Narrative”

Why Being an Introvert is Your Secret Superpower

Being introverted generally comes with qualities such as shyness, quietness, and sometimes awkwardness, which in a world where the loud and eccentric are praised for their outgoing nature, introversion can often be seen as a negative trait. In fact, it is believed up to 75% of the world’s population are naturally extroverted. If you’re hereContinue reading “Why Being an Introvert is Your Secret Superpower”